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Unresolved Mysteries


This is a rules element we are borrowing from Hogwarts: An RPG: developing and Incorporating emergent mysteries in play.

During End of Session, the players and GM go around the table to ask if there were any questions or mysterious situations that caught their attention and deserve some kind of follow-up. The GM will capture these here for future reference, by both the players and the GM. Any time when play moves into an out-of-character discussion about the fiction, players and GMs can refer to these mysteries to suggest possible answers or new directions to investigate them.

The GM should think about these mysteries between sessions, but should not get overly attached to solutions they come up with on their own: It can be an extremely satisfying experience when players resolve such questions on their own through play!

Mysteries by Play Session

Session One

  • What is Throop’s conection to Jaala and the Priestesses of the Moon?
  • What are the intrigues between the Porcelain Princes?
  • What are the “whispers of rebellion” in the Porcelain Princes’ domain?

Session Two

  • What is Lady Ashla’s story?
  • Who is Soviet cosmonaut Dimitri Ivanovich?
  • Who built the Gates?
  • What was the crystal city Slayton spied on the other side of Onion Gate?

Session Three

  • Who are the Spectrum Satraps?
  • What is in the canister that Goldfob-9 wants back?

Session Four

  • How did Xenix become corrupted by the Ulfire Prism?
  • What is the Ulfire Prism?
  • What was Xenix up to?
  • What is the Obsidian Rainbow, and what lies beyond it?

Session Five

  • What are the Xulgath planning such that they need a Priestess of the Moon?
  • What are the Xulgath gathering for this ritual?
  • What is the Ulfire Crown, and why does the Porcelain Prince Orpheon Pentythesis want with it?

Unresolved Mysteries

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