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Vomes are Violent Organo-Mechanical Entities. They are a symbiosis of a naturally-occurring creature and an infectious mechanical nanoparasite that grants strange abilities at the expense of overwriting the creature’s original essence. The infection takes the form of growing metallic mechanical parts that replace and/or enhance the host’s body parts.

Most vomes are members of a “nest” of creatures infected with the same nanoparasite strain. Different strains have different drives. Some individual vomes retain more of their original essence than others. Most nests have a queen that is the source of the infection; often killing the queen causes the infection suffusing her brood to deactivate, returning the individual vomes to their original personalities, if not their original bodies.

Intelligent creatures that are infected by vomes often gain strange powers; using those powers surrenders more and more of their personality to the infection. It is very easy to graft vomish parts onto a willing creature’s body.


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