Orpheon Pentythesis

Porcelain Prince


As with all Porcelain Princes, Orpheon Pentythesis always wears a painted porcelain face-mask that obscures his facial features. His skin usually has an odd lavender color, but that isn’t always consistent from meeting-to-meeting. He speaks in a resonant tone, often using archaic phrasing… both of which also are typical for Porcelain Princes.


The party met Orpheon after attempting to find a buyer for a shipment of Rainbow Silks that they’d discovered a few days from the Porcelain Citadel… the original merchant having been found eaten by a giant moondew plant. During the final signing of the contract, Orpheon called in his senechal… who turned out to be the xulgath who’d murdered Tarkov’s old friend Jarobi. The two got into a fistfight, which ended when Tarkov threw the Xulgath off an eighth-story balcony. Orpheon, who’d watched the melee stoically, informed the party that he would make this little murder “go away” if they’d retrieve something for him…

Art by Luka Rejec. Used by permission

Orpheon Pentythesis

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