Merchant of the Spectrum Satraps


Goldfob-9 always wears a yellow full-body suit with an enclosed helmet that resembles a space suit from the 1960s. The faceplate of the suit is reflective gold, making it difficult to make out any of his features. His voice sounds robotic, and comes from a speaker mounted on the chest of the suit.


The party encountered Goldfob-9 at the marketplace of Low Town: Maj. Slayton saw a person in what looked to be a 1960s-style space suit, and wondered if he had a connection to the Soviet cosmonaut that once had been here at some point in the past. Goldfob-9 told Slayton that he was of the merchant caste of the Spectrum Satraps, and that his caravan had been attacked by vomish gunnipedes a few days eariler: He was the only survivior. He offered payment for retrieval of a large cylinder that the gunnipedes had carted off. Laterm when the party returned the cylinder, Goldfob-9 was grateful and paid the agreed-upon price.

Art: Photograph of model S1034-E Pilot Protective Assembly from David Clark Aerospace Co.


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