Cat-Lord Schnookums

Financial backer of the party's expedition


Cat-Lord Schnookums appears to be a beautiful, plump, orange tabby cat with emerald eyes. He never speaks, communicating with mews, chirps, and growls typical of a normal cat. However, it only takes a few moments of interaction to realize that he is not a normal cat at all, and that his feline eyes belie a shrewd and inscrutable intellect. Schnookums’ spokesperson is his majordomo, Throop.


Lord Schnookums is a business-cat based in Violet City. He has business dealings in many locations throughout the Rainbowlands, and also into the Ultraviolet Grasslands. He made his money as a merchant, and now finances many business opportunities, taking a decent cut of the profits. He is currently the financial backer of the party’s caravan.

Art by Luka Rejec, used by permission

Cat-Lord Schnookums

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