The Ultraviolet Grasslands

Session Four: Pre-session

Love Letter to Vitus

[This is the “Love Letter” I sent to Judd before the game. We established the consequences at the table during the session that night.]

Dear Vitus the Red,

As soon as your caravan passed through the gates of Low Town, you sensed it, deep in your bones: An aura of power emanating from somewhere above you—somewhere in High Town. And within this aura you sensed something familiar: The vibrations held the magical signature of another member of the Red Order of Wizards… a member who left the order years ago.

[Please name and describe this wizard, formerly of the Red Order, including their title. Also tell us the nature of your relationship (if any), and what you know of the circumstances of this wizard’s departure from the Order.]

And yet, while you recognized part of the aura, something else was enmeshed therein: A corruption—powerful, dark and hungry. [Please tell us about it and why you know that it’s dangerous.]

You took your leave from your companions to investigate. You ascended to High Town and sought the source of this dark magical power. You found it in a richly-appointed house in the wealthiest of neighborhoods, and you went straight there to confront this magical malignancy. You easily bypassed the magical wards, and were confronted by the former Red Order wizard. Immediately upon seeing them, you knew that you must do battle! [Describe how you ascended to High Town, the house, and how you gained entrance. Also describe what the corruption has done to the other wizard.]

[Custom Move]

Battle the Corrupted Wizard

You engaged the corrupted wizard in a battle of magic. Roll +INT to find out how it went:

On a 7+, you defeated them! Describe the battle, scratch off one use of Supplies, and choose one:

  • You slew the corrupted wizard, destroying both them and the corruption.
  • You drove the corruption from the wizard, restoring them, but setting the corruption free.
  • You sent the corrupted wizard to a place where they cannot do harm… at least for now.
  • Something else? (We’ll negotiate at the table.)

On a 10+, you also gained something from the battle. Choose one:

  • Two minor OR one useful magictechnical items. The GM will tell you what you find.
  • Several volumes of arcane knowledge. (Grants a bonus to Spout Lore; heavy)
  • Magical discovery! Add one spell from the Cleric list to your spellbook.

On a miss, choose one:

  • You defeated them, but at great cost: As a 7+, but you used up two uses of Supplies, lost access to a spell of your choice, and suffered either 2d6 damage or a debility.
  • The corrupted wizard outmatched you: Mark a use of Supplies. You escaped without harm, but they’re still here… and they now consider you a mortal enemy.
  • The wizard convinced you the ‘corruption’ isn’t so bad after all, and they taught you how to use it! What could possibly go wrong?? Choose a Wizard advancement immediately. From now on, whenever you roll a miss on any magic roll, the GM can use “The corruption advances” as a hard move against you.

After the battle, you catch up with your companions just as they ride out on some damn fool mission about fighting giant metal centipedes…



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